January 28, 2003
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Restoring Women's History through Historic Preservation

Historic sites are visited by millions of people every year, but most of these places perpetuate the public notion that men have been the primary agents of historical change. This book reveals that historic sites and buildings have much to tell us about women's history. It documents women's contributions to the historic preservation movement at places such as Mount Vernon and explores women's history at several existing landmarks such as historic homes, as wells as in a wider array of cultural landscapes ranging from nurses' residences in Montreal to prostitutes' quarters in Los Angeles. The book includes essays on six exemplary projects that have advanced the integration of women's history into historic preservation and closes with three perspectives on preservation policy and practice.

National in scope but applicable in any locality, Restoring Women's History through Historic Preservation combines the most important recently published information with the best new research and covers many national, state, and local initiatives of the past decade. It collects in one volume the seminal work of twenty academic historians, preservationists, and professionals at parks and monuments throughout the country who examine practical ways to represent women's history through historic preservation programs.

Over the past several decades, work in the areas of women's history and historic preservation has done much to change not only how we regard history but also how we might broaden the very notion of what we consider historical. This volume reflects a growing commitment to historic preservation and shows how practitioners in both fields can benefit from an exchange of insights and create more effective public history.

About the Authors

Gail Lee Dubrow is professor of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning and director of the Preservation Planning and Design Program at the University of Washington. Jennifer Goodman is executive director of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.


"This edited collection of essays is one of the first scholarly books to address the growing interest in and practice of interpreting women's history through historic sites."

- Choice

"If there is one book to have on your shelf about preserving women's history, this is it."

- Vivien Ellen Rose - CRM: Journal of Heritage Stewardship

"A fascinating survey of not only the history of women in preservation but also ways in which our traditional, male-oriented history can be reinterpreted to be more inclusive... The authors come from both academia and preservation, and they bring a nice mix of approaches from the theoretical to the practical."

- Pamela H. Simpson - APT Bulletin: Journal of Preservation Technology

"The authors... address interpretive issues at existing historical sites, but they also emphasize the need for preservation of places that will further enhance the historical presence of women... Essays in Restoring Women's History through Historic Preservation... promise to be important resources for current and future preservationists."

- Jennifer Pustz - Annals of Iowa

"The full inclusion of women's experiences into the nation's past has the potential to rewrite history for everyone."

- Martha Norkunas - Women's Review of Books

"As the essays in this anthology testify, the history of American women remains startlingly invisible at the vast majority of the nation's recognized landmarks... This excellent volume offers no easy solutions, but suggests lines of thought for future scholars, professionals, and preservation advocates."

- Bonnie Stepenoff - Indiana Magazine of History

"A useful compilation of case studies... I recommend it to anyone interested in this topic."

- Gender, Place and Culture


"Although women have been the primary force in making the historic preservation movement as effective as it is, their contributions have been grievously underrecognized. The same is true of the role that historic sites play in telling the stories of women's contributions to society throughout American history. This welcome new book admirably fills those gaps, and deserves to be read by everyone eager to know of the indispensable role women have played in shaping and preserving the American experience."

- Richard Moe, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

"If it is true that history begins at home, then this important book should interest us all. The essays present strategies by which activists in historic preservation and women's history, perhaps unaware of what the other can offer, can meet, learn, enlarge the scope and significance of both disciplines, and in that exchange, create even more effective public history."

- Margaret Supplee Smith, Wake Forest University

"Restoring Women's History through Historic Preservation will be a welcome contribution to the existing literature and will likely serve for a long time to come as the definitive work on women and historic preservation. The inclusion of specific case studies makes this book especially useful because it provides potential blueprints for similar women's history initiatives."

- Gabrielle M. Lanier, James Madison University


9780801870521 : restoring-womens-history-through-historic-preservation-dubrow-goodman
464 Pages
$61.00 USD

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