July 20, 1999
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Patterns of Distribution of Amphibians

A Global Perspective

Amphibians are ecological equivalents of the canary in the coal mine. Because they have little physiological control over their body temperatures or evaporative water loss, frogs and toads, salamanders and newts, and the tropical wormlike caecilians are closely tied to their environments, and various stages of their biphasic life cycle are susceptible to environmental contaminants. At a time when populations of many species of amphibians are declining from unknown causes, indicating the destruction of natural habitats, biologists and conservationists need to know the patterns of distribution of amphibians and where large numbers of species and endemics occur.Patterns of Distribution of Amphibians: A Global Perspective, edited by William E. Duellman, is the first synthesis of information on the worldwide distribution of amphibians. Chapters on each of nine global regions are written by internationally recognized experts, who have gathered the diverse data from the literature and from their own experience in the field. The regional treatments emphasize patterns of distribution and their interpretation with respect to geography, climate, vegetation, and evolutionary history, providing unique syntheses of these patterns. The contributors also address existing and recommended aspects of conservation.

The extensive bibliography accompanying each chapter is an entrée into the literature on the amphibians of each region. Appendixes provide lists of species and their areas of distribution within each major region of the world. A wealth of maps, graphs, and tables is also included, making this volume an essential reference for herpetologists, biogeographers, and conservationists.

Contributors: Leo J. Borkin , Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Jonathan A. Campbell , University of Texas, Arlington William E. Duellman , University of Kansas, Lawrence S. Blair Hedges , Pennsylvania State University Robert F. Inger , Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago J. C. Poynton , Natural History Museum, London Samuel S. Sweet , University of California, Santa Barbara Michael J. Tyler , University of Adelaide, Australia Zhao Er-Mi , Chengdu Institute of Biology, Peoples Republic of China

About the Author

William E. Duellman is a Curator Emeritus, Division of Herpetology, Natural History Museum, and Professor Emeritus, Department of Systematics and Ecology, at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. He is the author of nearly 300 publications, including Hylid Frogs of Middle America, Biology of an Equatorial Herpetofauna in Amazonian Ecuador, and, with his wife Linda Trueb, Biology of Amphibians, also available from Johns Hopkins.


"Anyone with an interest in the distribution and/or abundance of amphibians will find something of value in this remarkable collection of essays."—Copeia

"There can be no doubt that Patterns of Distribution of Amphibians is destined to become the standard reference on amphibian zoogeography. It is an impressive book containing a breathtaking wealth of detail, while at the same time encompassing an extraordinarily broad subject area."—Herpetological Review

"Patterns of Distribution of Amphibians provides a gateway to the pertinent literature on amphibian distribution for each geographic region of the globe. It should be on the shelves in the herpetology or biogeography section of any academic or research library."—Ecoscience

"This book is an instant classic reference, rich in data and comparison and contrast, a tribute to the industry of all its authors, but especially of its editor who has been a ever-growing force in amphibian systematics and zoogeography over four decades."—Canadian Field-Naturalist

"Duellman and Trueb truly review the biology of amphibians, covering most conceivable topics from cytogenetics and development to biogeography and phylogeny . . . There is no recent textbook on amphibian biology that is worthy of comparison."—Science, reviewing Biology of Amphibians

"An impressive review of current knowledge concerning all aspects of amphibian biology. The authors have organized a tremendous number of facts, observations, and theories around the complementary themes of structure and evolution . . . A major undertaking."—Bioscience, reviewing Biology of Amphibians

"The text is clear and concise and richly illustrated . . . This book goes some way towards being all one could wish for and is likely to be an important source of reference."—Nature, reviewing Biology of Amphibians

The Johns Hopkins University Press

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