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July 17, 2012
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Rethinking the Great White North

Race, Nature, and the Historical Geographies of Whiteness in Canada

Canada's claim to a distinct national identity is bound to the idea of a Great White North. Images of snow, wilderness, and emptiness in our most cherished narratives seem innocent, yet this path-breaking volume shows they contain the seeds of contemporary racism.

Rethinking the Great White North moves the idea of whiteness to the centre of debates about Canadian history, geography, and identity. Informed by critical race theory and the insight that racism is geographical as well as historical and cultural, scholars from multiple disciplines explore how notions of race, whiteness, and nature helped shape the nation, from travel writing to treaty making, from scientific research to park planning, and within small towns, cities, and tourist centres. Four themes - identity and knowledge, city spaces, Arctic journeys, and Native land - serve as entry points to trace how Canada's identity as a white country was built on historical geographies of nature.

This insightful collection not only reassesses Canadian history and identity, it offers a vocabulary for thinking about whiteness, nature, and nation as Canada enters into new debates about the North and the meaning of the nation.

About the Authors

Andrew Baldwin is a lecturer in human geography atDurham University. Laura Cameron is an associateprofessor of geography at Queen's University and Canada ResearchChair in Historical Geographies of Nature. AudreyKobayashi is a professor of geography and Queen'sResearch Chair at Queen's University.Contributors: Luis L.M. Aguiar, Kay Anderson,Stephen Bocking, Emilie Cameron, Jessica Dempsey, Brian Egan, BruceErickson, Kevin Gould, Roger Keil, Phillip Gordon Mackintosh, ClaireMajor, Tina I.L. Marten, Tyler McCreary, Richard Milligan, Sherene H.Razack, Catriona Sandilands, Juanita Sundberg, and Jocelyn Thorpe.


"Rethinking the Great White North is a provocative, timely, and far-reaching volume. At a time when the Canadian government is interested in the North as a territory to be claimed and exploited, militarizing northern regions in the name of national sovereignty and security, here is a book that seeks to tell a different story."—Renee Hulan, Department of English, Saint Mary's University
UBC Press

9780774820141 : rethinking-the-great-white-north-baldwin-cameron-kobayashi
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