September 17, 2015
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Gombrich among the Egyptians and Other Essays in the History of Art

In this collection of essays, five previously published and three new in this volume, a western historian of Chinese art examines the received ideas of art history from the vantage point of another culture. On the premise that what we feel a need to explain and how we explain it alike depend on what we assume to be normal, the essays all adopt a comparative approach. Whatever body of material is taken as case study—Gothic churches, Egyptian reliefs, Chinese bronzes, Insular gospel manuscripts—the problems addressed are of broad general relevance to the discipline. They include the nature of art history's styles and periods, iconography as explanation, the rationale for art historical description, technical studies and the artistic imagination, and histories of representation. Clear and accessible, this book will interest anyone concerned with the conduct of art historical scholarship and the origins and consequences of its practices.

About the Author

Robert Bagley is professor emeritus in the department of art and archaeology at Princeton University. His recent publications include the chapter on art in the fourth volume of The Cambridge World History.


"Since the late 1970s, the field of art history has been characterized by self-scrutiny that has, ironically, too often encouraged methodological self-satisfaction; these essays, in contrast, permit no intellectual complacency. The author does not hesitate to challenge fundamental concepts, principles, and practices, both those that have been explicitly articulated and those that have gone unquestioned. The criticisms he offers are neither trivial nor self-serving; they are often blunt, but they are justified. His book will engage all historians of art—professionals and advanced students—who are interested in the intellectual foundations of our discipline as well as scholars whose work involves more general intellectual history."—A. A. Donohue, Rhys Carpenter Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
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9780692397145 : gombrich-among-the-egyptians-and-other-essays-in-the-history-of-art-bagley
208 Pages
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