March 30, 2011
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A Magnificent Northwest Garden

Edited by Ronald Fields
Lakewold Gardens is one of the great gardens of the Northwest, marrying classical European garden design with modernist scale and perspective, and a distinctly Northwest appreciation of majestic native trees and woodland beauty. Lakewold's pleasures are many, from its pronounced seasonality to its harmony of formal and informal gardens to its astounding number of rare plants. It is a gardener's garden, with lessons and surprises for new and experienced gardeners alike.

Lakewold was the private garden of Eulalie Wagner. She began developing the 10-acre garden in 1938. Wagner was very much an in-the-dirt gardener and her vision and hard work touches every grass, plant, tree, and lichen. Along the way, she received invaluable guidance from famed landscape architect and lifelong friend Thomas Church, whose influence can also be seen throughout the garden. The beautiful and creative designs that they formed remain intact and well maintained today, as do many original plantings and collections.

Lakewold was opened to the public in 1989. Its mission is to conserve the gardens for the future while educating the public. This tribute to the garden and its creators is richly illustrated with beautiful garden pictures from each season, and from before Eulalie Wagner, through the decades of her tenure, and up to the present.

About the Author

Ronald Fields is a Lakewold docent and Washington State Master Gardener.


"After taking a look at the recently published Lakewold . . . I decided to drive south to Pierce County to see the real thing."—Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times, August 2011

"This tribute to the garden and its creators is richly illustrated with garden pictures from each season. . . . Essays by horticultural authorities and a leading garden historian complement the photographs."—Barbara Curtin, Statesman Journal, May 2011


"A gorgeously illustrated introduction to one of the most important American gardens of the twentieth century. Lakewold represents a collaboration between a master designer and a keen gardener, and its formal lines and sumptuous plantings reveal a genius of place. This book captures that magic."—Scot Medbury, President, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

"Before the advent of instant lawns and formulaic landscapes, gardeners created living works of art; Lakewold is one such creation. This collection of tranquil photographs and reflective essays is an affectionate tribute to the horticultural artistry of Eulalie Wagner."—Linda Chalker—Scott, author of The Informed Gardener and The Informed Gardener Blooms Again.

"'Lakewold, near Tacoma, is one of the great estate gardens of the Pacific Northwest. This modest and elegant book contains insightful essays by horticultural authorities and a leading garden historian complimented by a wonderful collection of archival and modern photographs."—David C. Streatfield, University of Washington

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9780295991085 : lakewold-fields
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