Paperback / softback
January 28, 2011
88 illus., 76 in color, slipcase
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Glimmering Gone

Ingalena Klenell and Beth Lipman

Glimmering Gone focuses on the work of two artists who live on different continents - Europe and North America. Ingalena Klenell is recognized for her intricate, lacelike kiln-formed compositions, while Beth Lipman is best known for her European-inspired glass still lifes. Both use colorless glass in large-scale installations to convey the strength and fragility of nature and the relationship of humans to the landscape.

The two artists have collaborated on three large-scale installations of colorless and white glass - Landscape, Mementos, and Artifacts - that present a metaphor for material culture, landscape, and life. Glimmering Gone presents their work in an elegant accordian-fold, slipcased volume.

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"The ingeniously accordion-folded volume Glimmering Gone is a visual feast for the eyes. . . . Packaged in a black slipcase, it is a welcome addition to any glass lover's library."—American Style11, July 2011

"A coda on artist Abby Williams Hill, who influenced the work of Lipman and Klenell, provides an unexpected bonus."—City Living

Museum of Glass


9780295990804 : glimmering-gone-moody-post-stephanson
Paperback / softback
96 Pages
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