October 19, 2009
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Kids Design Glass

Kids Design Glass began as a temporary educational program at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, but has developed into a delightful collection of art. Watching the pieces as they are made is fascinating for the Museum's visitors - and creating them is a test of the glassblowers' prowess.

Young visitors to the Museum of Glass are encouraged to submit drawings of whatever their imaginations can dream up for the program. Each month, the Museum's Hot Shop artists choose one drawing and change the two-dimensional design into a three-dimensional glass sculpture. The child, friends, and family are invited, along with the public, to watch the object being created. The child and audience share in the agony if the glass cracks or breaks and the Hot Shop must begin anew - and share the joy as the finished work is placed in the annealing oven to slowly cool down. Two objects are made, one for the child and the other for the Museum of Glass collection.

Visiting artists have also been intrigued by the program. John Miller, Nancy Callan, Joseph Gregory Rossano, the Bee Kingdom, Dante Marioni, Preston Singletary, Martin Blank, and even the maestro of Venetian glassblowing, Lino Tagliapietra, have all volunteered to make a creature.

This book includes 52 works of art, with full-color photos of both the object and the original drawing. A children's comic-style booklet,"Pip! The Baby Monster and How He Was Made at the Museum of Glass" and a DVD showing the creation of Recycle Robot are tucked inside.

About the Authors

Benjamin W. Cobb is the Hot Shop manager and a lead gaffer and designer for the Museum of Glass. Susan Linn is a psychologist at Harvard's Judge Baker Children's Center in Boston and director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.


"The catalog is as sumptuous as any pretentious museum publication, with one great exception. It'll make you smile as you encounter 'Coyote in Socks,' designed by Marion Emme, or 'Green Guy,' designed by Duncan Noah, or one of my favorites, 'Dino Fish,' designed by Emily Gouveia."—John Levesque, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"Kids Design Glass is art that celebrates imagination. Imagination is thinking—without rules or boundaries. That is why kids are so good at it."—Dale Chihuly, From the Foreword

"Going over the sketches and drawings by the children was a fresh and surprising experience for me. It was so different and exciting at the same time. A wonderful idea to include the kids' designs from their natural perspectives, and we and the public will all benefit from seeing them in an exhibition."—Lino Tagliapietra, Artist

"We loved the drawing, but we almost didn't choose it because we weren't sure how we could make it. But then we thought, no, we can't let the kids stump us."—Gabe Feenan, Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team artist, regarding Shark Attack, 2007

"The results of this extraordinary collaboration between generations—the fragile, playful, and wierdly wonderful objects in this exhibition—speak for the integrity of the process and for themselves."—Susan Linn, Director, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

University of Washington Press


9780295989372 : kids-design-glass-cobb-linn-chihuly
132 Pages
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