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Greening Cities, Growing Communities

Although there are thousands of community gardens across North America, only Seattle and a few other cities include them in their urban development plans. While the conditions and experiences in Seattle may be unique, the city's programs offer insights and lessons for other cities and communities. Greening Cities, Growing Communities examines:

-- Planning and design strategies that support the development of urban community gardens as sustainable places for education and recreation

-- Approaches to design processes, construction, and stewardship that utilize volunteer and community participation and create a sense of community

-- Programs that enable gardens to serve as a resource for social justice for low income and minority communities, immigrants, and seniors

-- Opportunities to develop active-living frameworks by strategically locating community gardens and linking them with other forms of recreation and open space as part of pedestrian-accessible networks

Greening Cities, Growing Communities focuses on six community gardens in Seattle where there has been a strong network of knowledge and resources. These case studies reveal the capacity of community gardens to serve larger community issues, such as food security; urban ecosystem health; demonstration of sustainable gardening and building practices; active living and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods; and equity concerns. The authors also examine how landscape architects, planners, and allied design professionals can better interact in the making of these unique urban open spaces, and how urban community gardens offer opportunities for professionals to have a more prominent role in community activism and urban sustainability.

About the Authors

Jeffrey Hou and Julie M. Johnson are associate professors of landscape architecture at the University of Washington. Laura J. Lawson is associate professor of landscape architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


"Greening Cities, Growing Communities does more than tell the story of a single city or even a single country; it offers essential reading on urban community gardens as promising public green space for the 21st century."—Journal of Landscape Architecture

"Excellent tables, indexing, and specific strategic objectives outline a vision for like-minded readers."—Choice

"Green Cities Growing Communities is one of the most informative books regarding urban community gardens available today. It is more of a reference than a story, more of a tool than an inspiration. While many books argue the merit, need and importance of urban gardens, few shed light on the practical details involved with initiating, constructing and maintaining an urban garden . . . . Being rich in content and evidence-based arguments are distinguishing characteristics of this book. Green Cites Growing Communities tackles the political, economic, social and design issues that are absolutely crucial in bringing an urban garden to life. The six case studies provide proven, tangible, and actionable advice for the everyday gardener hoping to enrich their neighborhood."—re:place Magazine

"Hou, Johnson, and Lawson have put together a thorough and beautiful look at a collection of community gardens built and maintained under very different conditions. This book will help those planning or advocating for community gardens understand a wide range of implementation and maintenance issues..Greening Cities, Growing Communities thoughtfully compares the designs and uses of community gardens in unique situations, from a redeveloped farm on the city's edges to a steep slope owned by a private citizen and city agencies."—Landscape Architecture

"Those who know and love these gardens will appreciate this lavishly illustrated book. Professionals looking to adapt Seattle's community gardening model elsewhere will find a useful template. Greening Cities provides another angle for understanding what makes Seattle Seattle."—Seattle City Living

University of Washington Press


9780295989280 : greening-cities-growing-communities-hou-johnson-lawson
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