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April 1, 2001
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Korea's Future and the Great Powers

The eventual reunification of the Korean Peninsula will send political and economic reverberations throughout Northeast Asia and will catalyze the struggle over a new regional order among the four great powers of the Pacific—Russia, China, Japan, and the United States. Korea’s Future and the Great Powers addresses the vital issues of how to achieve a stable political order in a unified Korea, how to finance Korean economic reconstruction, and how to link Korea into a cooperative framework of international diplomatic relations.


"A valuable contribution to the understanding of international politics surrounding the Korean peninsula and U.S. policy toward the region."—Choice

"A superb collection of articles and essays by leading scholars and diplomats of Asian Security..This book provides enlightening views about complex issues and should be on the desk of every diplomat, strategist, and national security functionary."—Military Review

"In their highly informative and instructional book, editors Nicholas Eberstadt and Richard J. Ellings have compiled an exciting amalgam of essays which addresses those vital issues central to the reunification of the Korean peninsula."—The Korea Times


"Korea stands today at the pivot point of history. Yet few in Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo, or Washington appear to have thought much beyond their desire to preserve the status quo. Nicholas Eberstadt, Richard Ellings, and their co—authors aim to shake analysts and policy makers from complacency and to alert them to the strategic and economic challenges that lie ahead. This book should top the reading list of all those concerned with the future of Korea, and of the entire Asia—Pacific region."—Aaron L. Friedberg, Princeton University

"Devising a new architecture for peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and the region . . . is an urgent task confronting the Pacific powers and the international community. Anyone interested in these issues cannot afford to miss the essays presented here. The editors have brought together a panel of experts who have presented incisive analyses, assessments, and recommendations."—Chong—Sik Lee, University of Pennsylvania

9780295981291 : koreas-future-and-the-great-powers-ellings-eberstadt
Paperback / softback
$28.00 USD

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