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September 1, 1998
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The Floating Borderlands

Twenty-Five Years of U.S. Hispanic Literature

Edited by Lauro Flores
This book celebrates the emergence of a potent force on the American literary scene: the coming of age of contemporary Hispanic writers. The Americas Review—the pioneering journal of Hispanic literary arts, which has nurtured the early careers of many now-famous authors—celebrates its 25th anniversary with this anthology of some of the best fiction and poetry from its pages.

The collection is truly representative of the diverse regional and national backgrounds that have helped forge a creative community across the continent. The works presented here are divided into three parts, reflecting important chronological landmarks as well as a more subtle evolution of mature craftsmanship. "Nationhood Messengers" experimented with vernacular forms and helped to define the flourishing of cultural identity for Chicanos, Nuyoricans, and other major groups within the Latino community in the 1970s. "Memory Makers" moved to the forefront in the 1980s with polished works that have to varying degrees been embraced by the American cultural mainstream and enjoyed considerable commercial success. The voices of the "New Navigators of the Floating Borderlands" are just beginning to be heard, but they are already making contributions that will further transform the literary milieu.


"The Floating Borderlands will be an important reference point in the American cultural landscape."—Julián Olivares, University of Houston

"A valuable contribution to research and teaching in making an anthology available that is Latina/o in scope."—Yvonne Yarbro—Bejarano, Stanford University

University of Washington Press


9780295977461 : the-floating-borderlands-flores
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