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July 14, 2010
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Queer Ecologies

Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire

Treating such issues as animal sex, species politics, environmental justice, lesbian space and "gay" ghettos, AIDS literatures, and queer nationalities, this lively collection asks important questions at the intersections of sexuality and environmental studies. Contributors from a wide range of disciplines present a focused engagement with the critical, philosophical, and political dimensions of sex and nature. These discussions are particularly relevant to current debates in many disciplines, including environmental studies, queer theory, critical race theory, philosophy, literary criticism, and politics. As a whole, Queer Ecologies stands as a powerful corrective to views that equate "natural" with "straight" while "queer" is held to be against nature.

About the Authors

Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands is Professor of Environmental Studies and Canada Research Chair in Sustainability and Culture at York University. She is author of The Good-Natured Feminist: Ecofeminism and the Quest for Democracy.

Bruce Erickson is a post-doctoral fellow in Environmental History at Nipissing University.


"Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire is an essential contribution to the theoretical, political, and cultural investigations at the intersection of queer theory and ecological studies.24.2 June 2011"—Organization & Environment

"Queer Ecologies must guide the development of our sexual politics, the visions of our environmental activisms, the re-viewing of our biosocial histories, the expansion of our environmental justice initiatives, and the engendering of, as contributor Dianne Chisholm writes, 'an ecological future for queer desire'.Vol. 37, No. 4, Summer 2012"—SIGNS

"[V]ibrant texts, brimming with possibilities for rethinking, rereading, and reinflecting the links between perception, ontology, epistemology, politics, and ethics. ... [A]llow[s] for the possibility of further reflections on the material conditions of intellectual inquiry, and for what materialities our 'immaterial labors' might creatively enact, change, transform."—Women's Studies Quarterly

"As the first book-length overview of the subject, Queer Ecologies makes a major, much-needed contribution to this important present and future debate."—The Goose

"Readers will come away from Queer Ecologies with a complex understanding of the dangerous assumptions that shape environmental discourses, as well as the importance of environmental considerations to queer theorizing and movement building. The queer ecological framework offered in this collection has valuable insights for readers across a broad spectrum of interests. 1/5/2011"—

"A carefully crafted and well-executed volume, this collection intervenes in several important contemporary discourses in ecology, eco-politics, and queer theory, as well as more longstanding discourses of science and history."—Shannon Winnubst, Ohio State University

"Corrects the heteronormative bias that influenced environmental literature from the beginning and challenges the rigid distinctions between nature and culture."—Deane Curtin, Gustavus Adolphus College
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