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October 17, 2008
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Josiah Royce in Focus

This new approach to Josiah Royce shows one of American philosophy's brightest minds in action for today's readers. Although Royce was one of the towering figures of American pragmatism, his thought is often considered in the wake of his more famous peers. Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley brings fresh perspective to Royce's ideas and clarifies his individual philosophical vision. Kegley foregrounds Royce's concern with contemporary public issues and ethics, focusing in particular on how he addresses long-standing problems such as race, religion, community, the dangers of mass media, mass culture, and blatant individualistic capitalism. She offers a deep and fruitful philosophical exploration of Royce's ideas on conflict resolution, memory, self-identity, and self-development. Kegley's keen understanding and appreciation of Royce reintroduces him to a new generation of scholars and students.

About the Author

Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley is Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Bakersfield. She is author of Genuine Individuals and Genuine Communities: A Roycean Public Philosophy and editor of Genetic Knowledge: Human Values and Responsibility.


"Harvard professor Josiah Royce is probably the most neglected giant of American thought. When he died in 1916, the "golden age" of American philosophy died with him. William James and Charles Peirce had just died too, yet Royce was not even categorized among his pragmatist colleagues. Thus he is barely remembered as a stubborn idealist pushing epistemic proofs of God. Kegley (California State Univ., Bakersfield) has collected her thorough studies of the many strands of Royce's profound thought. Shattering the legends and misconceptions, she explains how Royce's variety of idealistic pragmatism yields breakthroughs for moral theory and communitarian ethics. Royce's theory of the creative self explains the basis for moral responsibility, and his account of the self's social growth yields an explanation for the validity of community ideals. Kegley then describes how Royce envisions the joint growth of genuine individuals within genuine communities, reconciling what too many social theorists had supposed to be forever in tension. Kegley concludes with numerous examples of Royce's relevance to contemporary problems. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Academic libraries; lower-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers. —Choice"— J. R. Shook, University of Buffalo, June 2009

"Highly recommended."—Choice, June 2009

"Highly recommended.June 2009"—Choice

". . . this book is the best introduction to Royce's thought written in over two decades.Vol. 4.2 2009"—Dwayne A. Tunstall, Grand Valley State University

". . . Josiah Royce in Focus should be read by all interested in Royce. Newcomers will be treated to a thorough and exciting introduction to Royce, while those already acquainted will be led to engage Royce's thought in novel ways.Vol. 36.1 Spring 2009"—Mathew A. Foust, University of Oregon

"[The author's] present book confirms that she is one of top scholars on Royce. . . .she introduces Royce to those who do not know him as yet and, simultaneously, stimulates those who are already familiar with Royce to re-think his output and look at it afresh, that is from the perspective of new times and new challengesVol. 2.1 2010"—Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński, Opole University, Poland

"Kegley's study is a meticulously researched, comprehensive account of both Royce's life and his work. . . . Josiah Royce in Focus excels at placing his philosophical thought within the context of more current trends, problems, and urgent issues in the behavioral and social sciences and in the arena of public affairs. October, 2010"—Dialogue

"I find Kegley's book excellent in many ways. It will serve undergraduates and graduates well in their courses on the history of American philsophy or in seminars on Royce.March 2011"—International Philosophical Quarterly

"Makes Royce attractive, interesting, and helpful to newcomers to philosophy and to those interested in healing America's wounds."—Frank Oppenheim, Xavier University

"Kegley's previous work on Royce has bequeathed confidence in her knowledge, her clarity and directness of presentation, and her overall philosophical sophistication."—John McDermott, Texas A&M University
Indiana University Press
American Philosophy


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