September 5, 2023
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The Faculty Lounge

A Cocktail Guide for Academics

Offering cocktails for every academic occasion along with spirited, amusing commentary, The Faculty Lounge is the perfect gift for graduate students, tenure-track professors, and disillusioned administrators.

About the Author

Philipp Stelzel is author of History after Hitler: A Transatlantic Enterprise and Associate Professor of History at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.


"During the earliest (and bleakest) days of the COVID pandemic, Philipp Stelzel buoyed the spirits of academics on Twitter and beyond with witty cocktail recipes and the promise of future conviviality. His sly critiques of academic power structures were the briny olive in everyone's martini, that little boost that helped bad times go down easier. Enjoy this book – The Dear Committee Members of drinking — while gleefully ignoring the mounting avalanche in your inbox."—Monica Black, Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"What The Faculty Lounge offers to our collective fields of inquiry is nothing short of groundbreaking. By laying bare the challenges of a career in higher education, Philipp Stelzel has created a space for everyone from the academy – faculty, staff, students, and administrators – to find comfort in poignant humor. But, what do I know? I'm a sitting college president and I've had three 'Presidential Platitudes' already. I'll be lucky to find the keys to the executive washroom at this point."—James Moore, President, West Virginia Wesleyan College

"Philipp Stelzel's top-shelf recipes are the most delicious—and efficient—way to help your faculty lose their faculties. Featuring a wide range of both cocktails and mocktails, this book promises to turn every credit hour into a happy hour."—Lauren Stokes, Assistant Professor of History, Northwestern University

"Clever and snarky, The Faculty Lounge serves up a collection of academically inspired cocktails that is sure to delight even the most curmudgeonly intellectual."—Brandon Cook, author of Cheers!: Around the World in 80 Toasts

"Philipp Stelzel's The Faculty Lounge is a literal and figurative tonic. Who would have guessed that behind the mild-mannered professor (well, mild mannered with a pointed, deadly wit) lay a bartender and mixologist of such formidable skills? I strongly recommend that after any encounter with a "learning outcomes committee,"reader number 2," or a student asking if they "missed anything important," you take Philipp's book and put it to work for you, preferably repeatedly. You won't be sorry!"—Benjamin Hett - Hunter College and the Graduate Center


9780253067050 : the-faculty-lounge-stelzel
September 5, 2023
$19.99 USD

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