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Yurok-Karok Basket Weavers

Lila O'Neale's Yurok-Karok Basket Weavers, first published in 1932, remains one of the finest and most comprehensive books devoted to American Indian basketry. In contrast to the typical treatment of tribal arts in her day, which saw them as homogeneous, anonymous, and conservative, O'Neale regarded the weavers as individuals, with personal styles and outlooks and a capacity for innovation. A pioneer in the study of Native American art, she presented the art from the weaver's point of view. In addition to an introduction by O'Neale scholar Margot Schevill, this edition includes an appendix listing the identities and tribal affiliations of O'Neale's 43 consultants.

About the Authors

Lila Morris O'Neale (1886-1948) was professor of decorative art at the University of California, Berkeley. Margot Blum Schevill is a guest curator for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, M. H. de Young Museum.
Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

9780936127040 : yurok-karok-basket-weavers-oneale-schevill
Paperback / softback
$29.00 USD

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