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April 1, 1996
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Years of Infamy

The Untold Story of America's Concentration Camps

"In 1942 110,000 West Coast residents, many of them United States citizens, were placed in concentration camps for no reason other than that they were of Japanese origin. One of them, Michi Weglyn, a teenager at the time, recounts their experience, drawing on Government documents and on her own memories of one of the camps. An appalling story of neglect and even brutality."—New York Times Book Review"Weglyn writes with a compelling mixture of passion, thorough research, and a fierce tough-mindedness. Her book should be of immense value to anyone interested in minority experience, World War II, or the squirmings of public policy under pressure."—James D. Houston, Harper's Bookletter"Certainly the most thoroughly documented account of World War II Japanese American internment. . . . Formidable."—Kirkus Reviews


"Certainly the most thoroughly documented account of WWII Japanese American internment. ..Behind the claim of 'military necessity' Weglyn points to the U.S. desire for a 'barter reserve'—-i.e. hostages of war. Also discussed is the little known fact that Japanese nationals from . . . Latin American countries were exported to the U.S. ..Formidable."—Kirkus Reviews

"Very detailed, nightmarish account . . . painstakingly vivid portrayal of what could be the most grotesque and saddest chapter in our two—century history . . . terrible testimonial to a monumental wrong."—Bestsellers

"Replete with incriminating documents which verify . . . events which led to . . . American concentration camps. . . . The documentation . . . is so complete as to allow no other definition. . . . The grim reality bursts forth from every page."—El Paso Herald—Post

"Fascinating and shattering . . . extraordinary history."—The New York Times


"A truly excellent and moving book. The story of the concentration camps for Japanese has often been told, but usually with an emphasis on the silver lining. Michi Weglyn concentrates instead on the other side of the picture. Years of Infamy is hard hitting but fair and balanced. It is a terrible story of administrative callousness and bungling, untold damage to the human soul, confusion, and terror."—Edwin O. Reischauer, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan

"A conscience—wrenching book of major significance."—Mike Mansfield, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan

University of Washington Press

9780295974842 : years-of-infamy-weglyn-michener
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