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January 10, 2018
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Write Arabic Now!

A Handwriting Workbook for Letters and Words

Learning to write fluidly in Arabic takes practice. This short workbook helps beginning learners practice each letter in all of its forms by tracing real Arabic words. Learners trace different words across each line to practice letter formation on tracing paper that is bound into the book. The words, handwritten by a native Arabic speaker, show a natural flow and present a model of clean handwriting. Write Arabic Now! can be used independently or alongside a textbook giving beginning learners a proven, effective means of improving their Arabic handwriting.

Along with the workbook, audio of the practice words is also provided. Listening to the words as learners trace the handwriting facilitates acquisition of the Arabic writing and phonetic system, which strengthens reading comprehension skills.

Audio of the words will be freely available on the Georgetown University Press website ( as downloadable MP3s.

About the Authors

Barbara Romaine currently teaches Arabic at Villanova University and translates Arabic literature. She received an NEA fellowship in 2007 to work on Spectres, which was a runner-up for the 2011 Banipal Prize. A second NEA fellowship was awarded to her in 2015 for her work on Mohamed Mansi Qandil's novel, A Cloudy Day on the Western Shore.

9781626165687 : write-arabic-now-romaine-iskandarani
Paperback / softback
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