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Wordsworth and the Green Romantics

Affect and Ecology in the Nineteenth Century

Edited by Lisa Ottum and Seth T. Reno
Ecocritical approaches to affect in the works of Wordsworth and other Romantic writers


“This volume will make a major intervention in Romantic ecocriticism, and will become a touchstone for future literary criticism linking affect and environment.”—Scott Hess

“The most satisfying pieces here address problems we have inherited from the Romantics that are unresolved but continue to be relevant to green issues, and/or forms of affect that have been underrepresented in scholarship but have important ecological implications.”—Review 19

“Ottum and Reno explain in their introduction that their collection focuses on Wordsworth because "no other Romantic writer is so vital, at once, to both environmentalism and affect theory." Three essays are particularly successful in making this claim both accessibly and compellingly. . . . Recommended.”


“The essays in Wordsworth and Green Romantics offer insightful, clearly argued positions on texts we thought we already knew, as well as on those we may not have known.”

European Romantic Review

“This collection makes a strong and credible case for resisting symbolic interpretations of Romantic nature in a favour of a more ecologically sensitive and materially grounded response to the nature of Romanticism.”—BARS Review, British Association for Romantic Studies

“This book explores the “emotion of Romantic environmentalism,” arguing that Romantic ecological thinking was complex, fluid, often dark, and included an unexpectedly wide range of affective experiences in poetry, paintings, and nature writing.”—Studies in English Literature, 1500–1900

9781611688955 : wordsworth-and-the-green-romantics-ottum-reno
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