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November 27, 1996
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Women's Acts

Plays by Women Dramatists of Spain's Golden Age

The plays are in Spanish. Los papeles están en el español.

About the Author

Teresa Scott Soufas is professor of Spanish and chair of the department of Spanish and Portuguese at Tulane University.


"Themes of love, arranged marriages and ill-fated love affairs—all written from the point of view of the woman involved—are explored, portraying how difficult it was for women to find fulfillment at a time when their opportunities were severely limited."—British Bulletin of Publications

"(Soufas) is a sure guide: her texts are authoritative, her glossary useful and her endnotes clear, pertinent and mostly consistent and her bibliographies are consistently excellent. The volume is thoroughly recommended."—Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

"A nuanced image of how talented women of Golden Age Spain might reshape the most popular cultural artifact of their era, the comedia, to make it communicate their personal views of gender and power relationships."—Caliope

"As Soufas has successfully demonstrated with Women's Acts, our task in Golden Age studies is not only to excavate and examine these hidden treasures but to make them available to both students and scholars."—Revista de Estudios Hispanicos

University Press of Kentucky

9780813108896 : womens-acts-soufas
Paperback / softback
344 Pages
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