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Women under the Influence

"You know you have a problem long before you seek a solution to it. You think you can master it yourself, you think you can stave it off with either abstinence or strong will or, quite frankly, pacts with God . . . I was incredibly secretive, very proud, very much in denial . . . I didn't really understand what it was going to take to beat my addiction . . . I kept thinking I could strong arm it, abstain for a period of time."—Jamie Lee Curtis, actress and recovering substance abuser
"I did the patch. I smoked on the patch. I did hypnosis. I tried everything until that morning it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. And I said, 'Here's the deal: You're alive so you can make decisions. You can decide to smoke and continue to feel this way, or you could not.'"—S. Epatha Merkerson, actress and former smoker
"Alcoholism is a slow, insidious, difficult, and progressive problem . . . I'm really happy that my family and friends intervened because I was personally miserable during the time that I was drinking."—Governor Ann Richards, recovering alcoholic

This comprehensive and accessible book documents the physical and emotional effects of substance abuse in girls and women, explores the role of the advertising and entertainment industries in popularizing various substances of abuse, and discusses the way America responds to this enormous health problem.

Covering a broad range of substances—nicotine, alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs—the book addresses the unique reasons that girls and women smoke and abuse alcohol and drugs. It provides the most current information about the use of prescription and club drugs, key warning signs of addiction, and options for prevention and treatment. The book includes historical anecdotes and testimonies from recovering women.

Incorporating more than a decade of extensive research, Women under the Influence will help women, health care professionals, educators, and policy makers understand the scope of substance abuse in girls and women, the urgency of responding to the problem, the key points of intervention, and potential roads to recovery.

About the Authors

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University was founded in 1992 by Joseph A. Califano, Jr., who served as President Lyndon Johnson's chief assistant for domestic affairs and as Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under President Jimmy Carter. CASA is a research and policy organization dedicated to combating substance abuse, bringing together the professional disciplines necessary to study and combat abuse of all substances—alcohol, tobacco, and illegal, prescription, and performance-enhancing drugs—in all sectors of society.


"An excellent starting point for patrons researching the topic, as it examines substance abuse in women of all ages."—Library Journal

"The first of its kind and the product of 10 years of research."—Southern Review of Books

"Thoughtfully examines the myriad factors that enhance vulnerability to substance-abuse problems across the life span and the unique challenges of life-stage transitions in women."—New England Journal of Medicine

"This readable and useful treatise wil be a valuable resource on substance abuse for readers in a variety of disciplines."—Choice

"Women under the Influence belongs in the personal library of every parent with a daughter, everyone with a sister, mother or grandmother and every husband. With this book, women will better understand the substance abuse risks they face at each stage of life."—Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady

"This book reveals the unique characteristics of girls and women with drug and alcohol problems. It will greatly enhance the ability of doctors and counselors to help women of all ages and walks of life."—Betty Ford, Former First Lady

"This book should be in every health professional's office in America. It will help doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists and substance abuse treatment providers better serve women with substance abuse problems."—Louis W. Sullivan, M.D., Former Secretary, Health and Human Services

The Johns Hopkins University Press

9780801882289 : women-under-the-influence-national-center-on-addiction-and-substance-abuse-at-columbia-university-califano
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