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March 9, 2000
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Women Pioneers For The Environment

As the torchbearers of environmental activism, women from around the world have created profound changes that are helping to ensure a healthier planet for all living things. Whether it is Judi Bari, who was crippled by a car bomb because of her efforts to save California's ancient redwood forests; Dai Qing, who was imprisoned for her opposition to an environmentally destructive dam on China's Yangtze River; or Dr. Tatynana Artyomkina, who defied KGB threats and exposed health and environmental risks in the Soviet Union, women have put their lives on the line and persevered against daunting odds to restore and protect the environment. Mary Joy Breton provides absorbing sketches of these and other women activists in the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, and Asia. Breton interweaves her accounts with narrative on the ecological hazards that drove these women to spearhead various environmental campaigns, examining why and how they challenged, and often defeated, the power structures of government and industry. Although these remarkable women come from various geographical regions and represent a wide range of economic, ethnic, and political backgrounds, they share insights, values, and a particular sensitivity to the Earth that led them to change the course of history. Their courageous efforts illuminate the crucial role of women in the environmental movement, and provide inspiration for a new generation of activists.

About the Author

MARY JOY BRETON is a lifelong conservationist who served for sixteen years with the National Audubon Society as a vice president and the Director of the President’s Office. She has worked in the governor of Delaware’s office as well as the U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. She has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles for such publications as Outdoors West and Working Woman. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.


"From the stunning opening story of the forest massacre that launched the Chipko movement in India, Mary Joy Breton takes readers on a round-the-world journey they'll never forget. In these gripping pages, the long-neglected history of heroic, brave women leading the struggle to preserve all our Earth comes to dramatic life." —Ralph Nader

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