January 9, 2001
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Women on the Polish Labor Market

Can women succeed? Is women's work appreciated equally to men's? Do women's salaries reflect the quality and quantity of work they do? Does gender make a difference? These questions, which often emerge even in democratic societies and free-market economies, are much more acute in the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. Gender has been an issue thus far neglected in transition economies.

Drawing on official statistics, an international multidisciplinary team of sociologists, economists, demographers and geographers examines how women have been affected by the labor market reforms in Poland in the transition period of the 1990s. The issues discussed include occupational segregation, the social mobility of women, demographic change, the power and participation of women in public life, women's organizations, and labor market reform.

About the Authors

Mike Ingham is Associate Director at the European Studies Research Institute, University of Salford. Hilary Ingham is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Lancaster University, UK. Henryk Domański is Professor of Sociology in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology in Polish Academy of Sciences and Head of the Department of Social Structure Research and Department of Studies on Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research.


"Gender differences are shown to be pervasive and also to vary across other long extant and persisting dimensions of inequality such as territorial divisions of Poland, industries and branches of the economy, and city versus countryside. The volume shows features unique to Poland as well as those shared with other countries going through a similar transition from communism... the volume addresses some important questions about deep and unsettling changes..."—Slavic Review
Central European University Press

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