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September 6, 1998
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Women and Democracy

Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe

Women and Democracy offers a unique look at the political experiences of women in two regions of the world—Latin America and Eastern and Central Europe—which have moved from authoritarian to democratic regimes. At first glance, the roles and attitudes of these women appear to be similar. This book makes the case that the differences are notable. In Latin America, the women are much more politicized and well-organized in their efforts to obtain rights, recognition, and equity. In contrast, the women of former communist societies in Eastern and Central Europe, as if disenchanted by their years under an ideology that promoted equality for women, prefer instead to seek more traditional women's roles and avoid the public arena. Examining the various political attitudes and efforts of women as they learn to participate in the political process, the contributors offer important new insights into democratic consolidation in general—and point to the need for greater attention to the role of women in political processes.

Contributors: Maruja Barrig, Teresa P. R. Caldeira, Maria del Carmen Feijoó, Jane S. Jaquette, Dobrinka Kostova, Philippe C. Schmitter, Renata Siemienska, Julia Szalai, Maria Elena Valenzuela, and Sharon L. Wolchik

About the Authors

Jane S. Jaquette is professor in the Department of Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College. Sharon L. Wolchik is associate professor in the Department of Political Science at George Washington University.


Provides several intriguing comparisons between two regions undergoing democratic change. Policymakers and scholars of democratic transitions and gender studies will find much of interest in the work.

- Amy Patterson - Perspectives on Political Science


Women and Democracy considers how women responded to the opportunities presented by democratic transition in quite different social and political contexts. By considering the various ways that women have understood and responded to their options, this book helps us understand the highly contextualized ways in which 'what women want' is mediated. The book will appeal to scholars in political science, sociology, and women's studies, and also to policymakers, non-profit practitioners, and feminists.

- Margaret Keck, The Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University Press
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