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July 15, 2014
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With Mortal Voice

The Creation of Paradise Lost

More often than not, critics have looked upon Milton's great epic not as a literary work but rather as a theological tract or a display of Renaissance learning. In this book John Shawcross seeks to redress that critical imbalance by examining the poem for its literary values. In doing so he reveals the scope and depth of Milton's poetic craftsmanship in his control of such elements as structure, myth, style, and language; and he offers new approaches to reading Paradise Lost as a literary masterpiece rather than a relic of religious history.

About the Author

John T. Shawcross, professor of English at the University of Kentucky, has edited The Complete Poetry of John Milton and The Complete Poetry of John Donne, and is the author of Language and Style in Milton, Achievements of the Left Hand: Essays on Milton's Prose, and Milton: The Critical Heritage.William B. Hunter

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