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December 10, 2019
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With Extreme Prejudice

One year after his wife dies in a car accident, film critic Mike Barnett discovers his house ransacked in an apparent robbery. However, only his wife's private files have been stolen. Mike then finds himself pulled into a seedy world of local government corruption when he starts to believe that his wife's death was no accident. A captivating legal thriller about greed, graft, and convoluted schemes, a man's search for truth to reconcile the loss of a loving marriage uncovers deeper trauma in the beauty of New Orleans.

About the Author

Fredrick Barton is the author of the novels The El Cholo Feeling Passes, Courting Pandemonium, In the Wake of the Flagship, and A House Divided, winner of the William Faulkner Prize in fiction. He lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.


"Fredrick Barton's novel appears to be a whodunit, but, to his credit, he's just as interested in the why of things. He takes on tough topics—race relations in a decaying city, the legacy of miscegenation in the South, white liberal guily." -The Washington Post "Honestly written and well-conceived, this is a book that supplies pleasure on a number of levels. -Publisher's Weekly "A superior, savvy tangle of greed, graft, and sudden violence with a pervasive subtext of the struggle between unconscious bias and better instincts." - The Los Angeles Times "Terrific in every sense" -The New York Daily News

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