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August 22, 1992
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Who's Your Hoosier Ancestor?

Genealogy for Beginners

Who's Your Hoosier Ancestor is written by a Hoosier genealogist for Hoosiers and for the descendants of anyone who ever lived in Indiana. Mona Robinson provides methods for locating elusive ancestors, describing what records are available to the Indiana researcher, where they can be found, and how to use them most effectively.

Robinson details the many usual and unusual sources that can be employed in genealogical searches—histories, atlases, directories, maps, and sources found in the home. She offers helpful hints and clues, explains the value of each type of record and the problems associated with using it. Valid sources, documentation, primary and secondary sources, and the many avenues of research are all detailed in this book, written especially for Hoosier ancestor hunters.

About the Author

MONA ROBINSON, genealogical columnist for the Bloomington Herald-Times, grew up in a household steeped in history, with family stretching back to the Revolutionary War and beyond. The dual impetus of her father's untimely death and her eldest son's fifth grade "family tree" project aimed her toward genealogical research twenty-five years ago.
Indiana University Press

9780253207319 : whos-your-hoosier-ancestor-robinson
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