May 10, 2009
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Which Way Goes Capitalism?

In Search of Adequate Policies in a Dramatically Changing World

In this title, a well-known academic economist and former finance minister gives a lucid and well balanced overview of the current financial turbulences that have hit the developed economies. Strongly criticizing the excesses of neoliberal capitalism, Daianu calls for implementing necessary regulatory reforms in the financial sector and for restoration of a proper balance between the functions of the state and the market. Daianu goes back to some of the roots of the current crisis and the flaws or weaknesses of the global financial system. In doing so, he extensively discusses the monetary union of the Euro, and the critical question whether, how and when additional countries can and should join the club. This is a timely volume with a very strong and important warning.

About the Author

Daniel Daianu is a professor of economics at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA) in Bucharest, and chairman of the Romanian Economic Society. He is a former finance minister of Romania and former Member of the EP. He was a visiting professor at UCLA and University of California, Berkeley.

9789639776470 : which-way-goes-capitalism-daianu
296 Pages
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