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July 8, 2010
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Where Sky Meets Earth

The Luminous Landscapes of Victoria Adams

Northwest landscape painter Victoria Adams is equally committed to the landscape tradition and the creation of exquisite scenes that address the contemporary desire for the sublime. Adams depicts idealized landscapes that evoke virgin terrain, untouched by human intervention and devoid of degradation. Through her reworking of landscape traditions and conventions, her paintings reveal the inextricable connections between beauty and the sublime and melancholia. Her paintings evoke the deep desire for the perfect moment and heighten awareness of the psychological impact of the idealized landscape. Adams presents the landscape as a solitary experience with the immense and infinite sublime--a magnificent solitude.

Where Earth Meets Sky is the first museum survey exhibition of Victoria Adam's work and is part of the Tacoma Art Museum's Northwest Perspective Series. Adams' work is held in private and museum collections throughout the United States.

About the Author

Rock Hushka is Tacoma Art Museum's curator of contemporary and Northwest art.
Tacoma Art Museum

9780924335303 : where-sky-meets-earth-hushka
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