January 29, 2020
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Where Dragon Veins Meet

The Kangxi Emperor and His Estate at Rehe

In 1702, the second emperor of the Qing dynasty ordered construction of a new summer palace in Rehe (now Chengde, Hebei) to support his annual tours north among the court's Inner Mongolian allies. The Mountain Estate to Escape the Heat (Bishu Shanzhuang) was strategically located at the node of mountain "veins" through which the Qing empire's geomantic energy was said to flow. At this site, from late spring through early autumn, the Kangxi emperor presided over rituals of intimacy and exchange that celebrated his rule: garden tours, banquets, entertainments, and gift giving.

Stephen Whiteman draws on resources and methods from art and architectural history, garden and landscape history, early modern global history, and historical geography to reconstruct the Mountain Estate as it evolved under Kangxi, illustrating the importance of landscape as a medium for ideological expression during the early Qing and in the early modern world more broadly. Examination of paintings, prints, historical maps, newly created maps informed by GIS-based research, and personal accounts reveals the significance of geographic space and its representation in the negotiation of Qing imperial ideology. The first monograph in any language to focus solely on the art and architecture of the Kangxi court, Where Dragon Veins Meet illuminates the court's production and deployment of landscape as a reflection of contemporary concerns and offers new insight into the sources and forms of Qing power through material expressions.

About the Author

Stephen H. Whiteman is senior lecturer in the art and architecture of China at the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London.


"The fruit of excellent research that embraces an impressive range of mediums, including garden architecture, painting, printmaking, and poetry."—Robert E. Harrist Jr., author of The Landscape of Words: Stone Inscriptions from Early and Medieval China

"One of those rare books that will change scholarship."—James Beattie, founding editor, International Review of Environmental History

"This close reading of one key site offers an unprecedented level of rich detail, and its thought-provoking analysis is a real advance in understanding the world of Qing imperial power."—Craig Clunas, Trinity College

University of Washington Press

9780295745800 : where-dragon-veins-meet-whiteman
January 29, 2020
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