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February 3, 2019
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What Is Performance Art?

Australian Perspectives

Edited by Adam Geczy and Mimi Kelly
This new volume looks at the rich history of performance art in Australia through a multitude of perspectives. With this collection's thirty-nine contributions by scholars, curators, and artists covering more than three decades of practice, readers will enjoy both a comprehensive overview of the Australian performance art landscape and a rich trove of personal reflections from some of its pioneers and main proponents.

Scholars: Heather Barker; Charles Green; Brad Buckley; Laini Burton; Rex Butler; John Conomos; Adam Geczy; Mimi Kelly; Anne Marsh; Ian McLean; Sarah Miller; Robert Nelson; Edward Scheer

Curators: Ineke Dane; Janelle Evans; Blair French; Mary Knights; Hannah Mathews; Maurice O'Riordan

Artists: Denis Beaubois; Tess de Quincey; Blak Douglas; Bonita Ely; Deej Fabyc; Michael Goldberg; Agatha Gothe-Snape; Tim Johnson; Peter Kennedy; Sean Lowry; Paul Mumme; S. J. Norman; Jill Orr; Mike Parr; Julie Rrap; Mark Shorter; Jason Sweeney; Ilmar Taimre; Julie Vulcan
Power Publications, Sydney

9780909952938 : what-is-performance-art-geczy-kelly
Paperback / softback
432 Pages
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