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September 12, 2023
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A short but engaging look at how nations have succeeded and failed at welfare.

In Welfare, political scientist Carsten Jensen examines how the Danish welfare model leads to some of the highest levels of happiness, education, and health in the world. He argues that this welfare model is a success story because it has created a remarkable level of equality and forged strong links between people and public institutions. Jensen probes four central questions about this model: Why do Danes support the welfare state? Which historic events and people have enabled such intimate links to arise between the state and welfare? How much welfare do Danes actually get? And finally, how has Denmark been able to combine welfare and wealth, and how viable will this model be in the future?

In Reflections, a series copublished with Denmark's Aarhus University Press, scholars deliver 60-page reflections on key concepts. These books present unique insights on a wide range of topics that entertain and enlighten readers with exciting discoveries and new perspectives.

About the Author

Carsten Jensen (AARHUS, DK) is an associate professor of political science at Aarhus University.

Johns Hopkins University Press
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9781421444741 : welfare-jensen
Paperback / softback
September 12, 2023
$8.95 USD

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