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April 2, 2012
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Weavers' Stories from Island Southeast Asia

Weaver's Stories from Island Southeast Asia delves into the personal stories of individual textile artists, bringing recognition to their accomplishments, skills, and extraordinary lives. Photographs of ten women from eight locations in the Southeast Asian archipelago along with examples of their weaving are accompanied by a DVD showing them at work.

The book is part of a project to bring stories from the lives of Southeast Asian weavers and batik makers to an American audience, using video as the main component. Although the makers of textiles are generally not named in American museum collections, the creation of textiles is not anonymous in Southeast Asian communities. Senior artists are held in public esteem, and the cloth they produce is instantly recognizable to local people as their unique product.

About the Author

Roy W. Hamilton is senior curator for Asian and Pacific collections at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Other contributors include Jill Forshee, Traude Gavin, and Cherubim A. Quizon.


"Personalized accounts, enfolding the woven fabrics, invite a reader to figure out not only the motifs of art but also motifs of living and dying in the crucible of historical upheavals."—Dev. N. Pathak, Journal of Folklore Research, January 2013
Fowler Museum at UCLA

9780977834495 : weavers-stories-from-island-southeast-asia-hamilton
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