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November 15, 2011
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We Are Here

The Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship 2011

We Are Here boldly exemplifies Native American contemporary art as important, relevant, and deserving of a place in the contemporary art cannon. The five Eiteljorg Fellowship artists honored in this volume are among the Native artists creating some of the richest and most alarming art in the world. Powerful stories infused with Native history and experiences are expressed in glass, photography, performance art, and other media.

Alan Michelson's (Mohawk) glass depictions of buried history are elegant and haunting. Bonnie Devine's (Ojibwa) intricate and powerful works unfold stories of difficult experiences. Skawennati's (Mohawk) time-travelling Indian superhero in TimeTravellerTM showcases misinterpretation and abuse of Indigenous art and people. Duane Slick (Meskwaki-Ho-Chunk) creates unnerving work that captures stories on canvas. Anna Tsouhlarkis (Navajo/ Creek/Greek) uses new media to reflect on science and the culture of time.

About the Authors

Jennifer Complo McNutt is the curator of contemporary art and Ashley Holland (Cherokee) is assistant curator of contemporary art, both at the Eiteljorg Museum. The other contributors are Kathleen Ash-Milby (Navajo), Jeffrey Gibson (Mississippi Band Choctaw/Cherokee), Candice Hopkins (Tlingit), and Robert Houle (Saulteaux).
University of Washington Press

9780295991795 : we-are-here-mcnutt-holland
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