May 31, 2010
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Washington at Home, second edition

An Illustrated History of Neighborhoods in the Nation's Capital

Edited by Kathryn S. Smith

Washington, D.C., conjures images of marble monuments, national memorials, and world-class museums. To many, the world beyond the National Mall is invisible. Yet within an area of only 68 square miles lies a residential city of diversity, beauty, and charm. In the long-awaited update of her 1988 classic Washington at Home, Kathryn Schneider Smith and a team of historians, journalists, folklorists, museum professionals, and others who know the city intimately offer a fresh look at the social history of this intriguing city through the prism of 26 diverse neighborhoods.

Lavishly illustrated with engaging historical photographs and maps, Washington at Home introduces readers to the famous residents, colorful characters, distinct flavors, and important events that helped shape the city beyond the federal façade. This second edition adds six new neighborhoods from all parts of the city. Extensive notes make the book invaluable for those doing their own research as well as the more casual reader.

Journalists, historians, politicians, residents, real estate agents, and students regularly consult Washington at Home as the standard resource on the social history of Washington, D.C. This expanded and updated edition will appeal to residents, both new and old, as well as to visitors eager to deepen their experience in the nation’s capital.

About the Author

Kathryn Schneider Smith, a historian, author, and editor, is the founding executive director of Cultural Tourism DC, a past president of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., and the founding editor of its journal, Washington History.


"At nearly 500 pages with hundreds of historical and contemporary photos, the book reveals a tapestry-like portrait of the city so many of us call home."

- Debra Bruno - Roll Call

"If you’ve ever wandered through the connected neighborhoods that are Washington and wondered who lives there now, and who’s gone before, the answers can be found in a new book, Washington at Home."

- Jennifer Nycz-Conner - Washington Business Journal

"A must-read for any resident with a love of local history and landmarks."

- Jane Freundel Levey - Express Night Out

"A timeless resource for D.C. and history buffs alike."

- Christopher Schoppa - Washington Post


"Smith and her impressive team of authors provide a most intriguing and wide-ranging historical picture of America’s capital city. With additional chapters and captivating pictures, this edition delivers a fascinating tour of Washington’s many communities and their development over the last two centuries. This grand and invigorating story gives the reader an exciting view and a thorough understanding of Washington, D.C., a unique city with a broad diversity of American people."

- James Oliver Horton, author of The Landmarks of African American History

"Real people. Real neighborhoods. Kathryn Smith finally puts a real face onthe Americans who call the Nation's Capital home."

- Tom Sherwood, reporter, WRC, NBC in Washington, D.C.

"Away from the somber-faced government buildings and tourist-crowded memorials, there’s another Washington—a lively, diverse collection of historic neighborhoods where thousands of people live and shop, worship and play in the shadow of world-famous iconic landmarks. Using words and pictures to bring this little-known city to vivid life, Kathy Smith’s engaging book is a goldmine of information—and surprises, too—for Washingtonians and visitors alike."

- Richard Moe, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Johns Hopkins University Press
second edition
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9780801893537 : washington-at-home-2nd-edition-smith
552 Pages
$50.00 USD

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