March 30, 2000
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War, Politics and Society in Afghanistan, 1978-1992

This book is the first to analyze the institutions, successes, and failures of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan, the pro-Soviet regime that sought to dominate the country during the years of the Soviet military presence. Antonio Giustozzi explores the military, political, and social strategies of the predominantly urban and Marxist regime as it struggled—and ultimately failed—to win the support of a largely rural and Islamic population.

Drawing on many Soviet materials not previously used by Western writers, including unpublished Red Army documents and interviews with participants, Giustozzi provides valuable new insights into the cold war and the rise of Islamic revolt.

About the Author

Antonio Giustozzi received a PhD in international relations at the London School of Economics.


"Giustozzi does a good job of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the [People's Democratic Party] regime."—Choice

"An important book."—Journal of Peace Research


"This analysis constitutes a new way of looking at what happened in Afghanistan and helps considerably in understanding the difficulties which have beset Afghanistan in the last few years."—Malcolm Yapp, University of London

Georgetown University Press

9780878407583 : war-politics-and-society-in-afghanistan-1978-1992-giustozzi
334 Pages
$59.95 USD

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