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January 17, 2013
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War Baby / Love Child

Mixed Race Asian American Art

Edited by Laura Kina and Wei Ming Dariotis
Foreword by Kent A. Ono
War Baby / Love Child examines hybrid Asian American identity through a collection of essays, artworks, and interviews at the intersection of critical mixed race studies and contemporary art. The book pairs artwork and interviews with nineteen emerging, mid-career, and established mixed race/mixed heritage Asian American artists, including Li-lan and Kip Fulbeck, with scholarly essays exploring such topics as Vietnamese Amerasians, Korean transracial adoptions, and multiethnic Hawai'i. As an increasingly ethnically ambiguous Asian American generation is coming of age in an era of "optional identity," this collection brings together first-person perspectives and a wider scholarly context to shed light on changing Asian American cultures.

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About the Authors

Laura Kina is associate professor of art, media, and design at DePaul University. Wei Ming Dariotis is associate professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University.


"It is a very fine example of the Fine Art of Race Talk."—Brett Russell Coleman, Magic Mulatto

"The project makes visible underrepresented histories with Asian-American studies, mixed-race studies and contemporary art. The exhibition and accompanying book . . . map out and contextualize the lives and works of these artists."—Jessica Davis, City Living Seattle, September 26 2013

"A fascinating book on mixed-race identity and visual art."—Shawn Wong, International Examiner, June 5 2013

"Kina and Dariotis's volume offers an evolving and rich archive of marginalized but must-be-seen art production which scholars in Asian American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Art History can synthesize in multiple exciting ways."—Susette Min, Amerasia Journal


"War Baby / Love Child is an interesting, original, and innovative project that expands the field of Asian American studies by using visual art as a point of entry and analysis for the discipline."—Mark Johnson, editor of Asian American Art: A History, 1850-1970

"One of the strengths of this original volume is its holistic combination of interviews with premier fine artists along with the textual, historical, and scholarly context provided by established and emerging scholars in Asian American Studies."—Nitasha Sharma, author of Hip Hop Desis: South Americans, Blackness, and Global Race Consciousness

University of Washington Press

9780295992259 : war-baby-love-child-kina-dariotis-ono
Paperback / softback
344 Pages
$40.00 USD

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