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March 7, 2016
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Walking Washington's History

Ten Cities

Walking Washington's History: Ten Cities, a follow-up to Judy Bentley's bestselling Hiking Washington's History, showcases the state's engaging urban history through guided walks in ten major cities. Using narrated walks, maps, and historic photographs, Bentley reveals each city's aspirations.

She begins in Vancouver, established as a fur trade emporium on a plain above the Columbia River, and ends with Bellevue, a bedroom community turned edge city. In between, readers crisscross the state, with walks through urban Olympia, Walla Walla, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, Yakima, and Spokane.

Whether readers pass through these cities as tourists or set out to explore their home terrain, they will discover both the visible and invisible markers of Washington history underfoot.

About the Author

Judy Bentley writes hiking guides, history, and biography and is emeritus faculty at South Seattle College. She is the author of Hiking Washington's History and (with Lorraine McConaghy) Free Boy: A True Story of Slave and Master.


"Walking Washington's History has a fund of readable information, adding valuable interest to those visiting familiar and unfamiliar cities. Bentley brings Washington's urban history closer to the public."—Charles LeWarne, author of The Love Israel Family

"By guiding our footsteps, Judy Bentley leads us off the couch and away from the TV set to where the events that shaped our state actually took place. Her first book led us on ten hikes; this one takes us to ten cities representing Washington's ongoing story. Each walk highlights historic sites and events, provides maps and parking suggestions, and locates amenities such as museums and libraries."—Ruth Kirk, author of Ozette

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