February 6, 2024
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Vision Accomplished

The History of Kansas City Southern

The remarkable story of the Kansas City Southern tells of a company that from day 1 followed its own path, led by a succession of visionaries who were not afraid to take risks in pursuit of the railroad company's success.  

Without the resources of the earlier land grant railroads, the Kansas City–based company forged a unique approach to growing its franchise. It compensated for its modest size by developing an outsize, personalized commitment to its customers, suppliers, and rail partners. While larger railroads, with their vast rail networks, sometimes cajoled customers and smaller railroads into conforming to their service offerings, Kansas City Southern sought to develop mutually beneficial relationships with multiple constituents.  

Vision Accomplished is the story of a succession of individuals who through the strength of their personalities, vision, courage, and character led the railroad through one perilous situation after another and in so doing crafted a corporate culture truly unique in the railroad industry. It's a story of a railroad that by rights should have died dozens of times but continued to survive and grew to become a major participant in the North American supply chain.

About the Author

William Galligan was employed at Kansas City Southern from 1992 to 2018, responsible for the company's investor relations program as well as being involved in special projects. Now retired, he now splits his time between Kansas City, MO, and Guilford, CT.

9780253068330 : vision-accomplished-galligan
February 6, 2024
$40.00 USD

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