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March 1, 1999
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Vignettes from the Late Ming

A Hsiao-p'in Anthology

Translated by Yang Ye

About the Author

Yang Ye is professor emeritus and former director of the East Asian Languages and Civilizations Program at the University of California, Riverside.


"This slim—and handsome—volume constitutes a very fine contribution to the recent flurry of translations of traditional Chinese literature, one that can serve as both textbook and reference for a variety of readers."—Robert Hegel, Journal of Asian and African Studies

"This book is well-produced and well-designed. It is also itself like a hsiao-p'in, short and elegant."—Sino-Platonic Papers 98

"Xiaopin, those brief, informal, and anecdotal essays that we associate with the late Ming, have been virtually invisible in the body of Chinese literature available in English translation. We have needed an anthology like Professor Ye's for some time, and for a number of reasons. Xiaopin (or as Ye handily calls it, the "vignette") is a delightful and approachable genre full of engaging but intimate surprises, and is thus a wonderful addition to a Chinese literature syllabus. Xioapin also help a great deal in rounding out our understanding of how the late imperial literati we encounter in historical studies perceived their embeddedness in a world that was only half public. Professor Ye has helped us get around the difficulty of Ming Classical Chinese by giving us a book of late-Ming informal prose that will be useful and engaging in undergraduate literature courses taught in English, but it deserves to be noticed by a wider readership as well."—Philip Kafalas, Ming Studies

"This slim volume makes a major contribution to the field of Ming literary history. Yang Ye's selection of texts and his elegant translations bring to the English-reading audience a representative yet varied sample of the xiaopin genre, which flourished in the final decades of the sixteenth and through the seventeenth centuries. These brief writings, dealing with the concerns, experiences, and objects of everyday life as well as with exotic and transitory phenomena, provide a unique window into Chinese society during an age of mounting crises and widespread anxiety. Yang Ye's anthology of xiaopin translations is a welcome and significant addition to the corpus of Ming texts available in translation."—Kenneth Hammond, Journal of Asian Studies


"Vignettes from the Late Ming is a judicious selection of informal essays that introduce aspects of traditional Chinese life that one cannot read about in more formal types of writing. These essays also tell us something about late-Ming sensibility and introduce the personality of some very interesting thinkers and writers. A most welcome work."—David R. Knechtges, University of Washington

"The selection is excellent; the best writers are included, and good examples by each. There is no other such anthology available in any Western language."—Jonathan Chaves, The George Washington University

University of Washington Press

9780295977331 : vignettes-from-the-late-ming-ye
Paperback / softback
216 Pages
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