April 20, 2007
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Urban Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla insurgencies continue to rage across the globe, fueled by ethnic and religious conflict and the easy availability of weapons. At the same time, urban population centers in both industrialized and developing nations attract ever-increasing numbers of people, outstripping rural growth rates worldwide. As a consequence of this population shift from the countryside to the cities, guerrilla conflict in urban areas, similar to the violent response to U.S. occupation in Iraq, will become more frequent. Urban Guerrilla Warfare traces the diverse origins of urban conflicts and identifies similarities and differences in the methods of counterinsurgent forces. In this wide-ranging and richly detailed comparative analysis, Anthony James Joes examines eight key examples of urban guerrilla conflict spanning half a century and four continents: Warsaw in 1944, Budapest in 1956, Algiers in 1957, Montevideo and São Paulo in the 1960s, Saigon in 1968, Northern Ireland from 1970 to 1998, and Grozny from 1994 to 1996. Joes demonstrates that urban insurgents violate certain fundamental principles of guerrilla warfare as set forth by renowned military strategists such as Carl von Clausewitz and Mao Tse-tung. Urban guerrillas operate in finite areas, leaving themselves vulnerable to encirclement and ultimate defeat. They also tend to abandon the goal of establishing a secure base or a cross-border sanctuary, making precarious combat even riskier. Typically, urban guerrillas do not solely target soldiers and police; they often attack civilians in an effort to frighten and disorient the local population and discredit the regime. Thus urban guerrilla warfare becomes difficult to distinguish from simple terrorism. Joes argues persuasively against committing U.S. troops in urban counterinsurgencies, but also offers cogent recommendations for the successful conduct of such operations where they must be undertaken.

About the Author

Anthony James Joes, professor of political science at Saint Joseph's University, is the author of many books, including Resisting Rebellion: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency, and America and Guerrilla Warfare.


"This book fills a need for a succinct comparative examination of urban warfare. Joes has given us another laudatory volume that will be of great value." —Bard E. O'Neill, author of Insurgency and Terrorism: Inside Modern Revolutionar"

"This is the only work to undertake such a sweeping panorama of various urban insurgencies across time and space. Joes writes splendidly, with elegance, authority, and precision." —Gabriel Marcella, author of Colombia's Three Wars: U. S. Strategy at the Crossr"

"Urban Guerilla Warfare is a solid study on a prescient topic." —Multicultural Review"

"Overall, Joes has produced a well-written, in-depth read on the increasingly important topic of urban guerilla warfare. His historical case studies provide the reader with examples of urban conflict and lessons learned. This book is highly recommended for individuals seeking lessons on urban guerilla-warfare engagements from both the insurgent and the counterinsurgent viewpoint." —Lt. Col. David A. Kilcher, Special Warfare"

"The best succinct scholarly treatment of that offensive. . . . His instructive book tells the story of these fighters, their obsessions and passions, and much more." —Parameters"

"Anthony James Joes has chosen the perfect time to critically examine eight urban guerrilla conflicts that transpired since World War II." —Armor"

"Joes' analysis covers a spectrum that respects time and geography, as well as the counterinsurgency methods of the opposing force." —Armor"—

University Press of Kentucky

9780813124377 : urban-guerrilla-warfare-joes
232 Pages
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