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February 19, 2008
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Understanding Our Being

Introduction to Speculative Philosophy in the Perennial Tradition

In the encyclical Fides et ratio, Pope John Paul II called upon teachers of philosophy "to recover, in the flow of an enduringly valid philosophical tradition, the range of authentic wisdom and truth." Understanding Our Being responds to this call with a much-needed introduction to speculative philosophy.

Written as an undergraduate textbook, Understanding Our Being treats central topics about our knowledge of being, the being of the natural world, and, via the latter, being as such. It then treats the special character and implications of our human, personal being—in particular, our intellect, free choice, and reason-conditioned sociality. Finally, it considers God as Source and End of being and it discusses the "problem of evil" and the nature of religious faith.

In addition to presenting essential elements of the "perennial" philosophy, as developed in the tradition of Thomas Aquinas (especially as interpreted by Jacques Maritain and others), this book discusses contemporary challenges to the critical realist approach. These include scientism, historicism, and nihilism, as well as religious fideism. The author also encourages students to think for themselves, and he offers them resources to do so, via questions for reflection at the end of each part, a comprehensive bibliography, and a glossary of key philosophical terms.

John W. Carlson is professor and chair of the department of philosophy at Creighton University.


"Carlson offers what is hard, if not impossible, to find among contemporary writings in Catholic philosophy: the attempt to reconcile faith and reason and show the importance of faith and theology for the completion of philosophy. This is an ideal book for colleges and universities wishing to promote a return to the Catholic intellectual tradition."—Raymond Dennehy, University of San Francisco

"This book makes intelligible perennial Thomistic philosophy as it is understood today enriched by dialogue with modern insights. It is an accurate, cogent presentation of what is best in contemporary Thomism."—Steven C. Snyder, Christendom College

"One trial has been the scarcity of first-rate texts for undergraduate courses in metaphysics. It's a delight, then, to introduce just such a book. We are in debt to its author, John W. Carlson, professor and chair of the department of philosophy at Creighton University. Inspired by John Paul II's Fides et Ratio, Carlson writes for an audience of teachers and students open to a renewal of the "great tradition" in Catholic education. . . . John Carlson is his own man, and his book reflects his originality. . . . Carlson's format also has its special features. His cross-references, instructive diagrams, full glossary, and chapter summaries are unusually well done. His encouragement of readers to think more, and think hard, about tough questions tell us that philosophy is a work in progress and that it welcomes newcomers." — James Hanink, American Maritain Association Newsletter

The Catholic University of America Press

9780813215181 : understanding-our-being-carlson
Paperback / softback
$34.95 USD

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