May 3, 2022
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Uncle Rico's Encore

Mostly True Stories of Filipino Seattle

From the 1950s through the 1970s, blue-collar Filipino Americans, or Pinoys, lived a hardscrabble existence. Immigrant parents endured blatant racism, sporadic violence, and poverty while their US-born children faced more subtle forms of racism, such as the low expectations of teachers and counselors in the public school system. In this collection of autobiographical essays, acclaimed novelist and short-story writer Peter Bacho centers the experiences of the Pinoy generation that grew up in Seattle's multiethnic neighborhoods, from the Central Area to Beacon Hill to Rainier Valley. He recounts intimate moments of everyday life: fishing with marshmallows at Madison Beach, playing bruising games of basketball at Madrona Park, and celebrating with his uncles in Chinatown as hundreds of workers returned from Alaska canneries in the fall. He also relates vivid stories of defiance and activism, including resistance to the union-busting efforts of the federal government in the 1950s and organizing for decent housing and services for elders in the 1970s. Sharing a life inextricably connected to his community and the generation that came before him, this memoir is a tribute to Filipino Seattle.

About the Author

Peter Bacho is the award-winning author of several books, including the novel Cebu and the short story collection Dark Blue Suit.


"Bacho here is in his usual profound form, marshalling a prose style that is expressive and eloquent, and showing bountiful skill in storytelling."—Rick Bonus, author of Locating Filipino Americans: Ethnicity and the Cultural Politics of Space

"In superb and fluid writing, Bacho fills in the gaps in our knowledge of a vital American community."—Russell C. Leong, author of Phoenix Eyes and Other Stories

"Spanning from the 1950s to now, Bacho's mosaic, communal Filipino American memoir expresses unexpected humor, lingering regret, deft insight, and profound gratitude."—Booklist

"In a series of punchy, funny essays, Bacho documents the union battles, civic movements and cultural unrest that he watched as a child... Bacho always returns to the Seattle that shaped him, nurtured him and taught him how to fight."—Seattle Times

"A loving tribute to what is both Filipino and American—the good and the bad, the shadows and the lights, the births and the deaths, the Uncle Ricos and the Mom Remes."—International Examiner

"A welcome addition to a mostly overlooked history. [Bacho] shares vivid glimpses from his life and from the Filipino community in Seattle that are certain to enrich readers and add a new perspective on the history of the region."—History News Network

"Bacho has a deft ability to weave together a vision of a community and city with moments of wonder and cherished memories."—University of Washington Magazine

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