January 3, 1995
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True Faith And Allegiance

The Burden of Military Ethics

James H. Toner is professor of international relations and military ethics at the U.S. Air War College and author of Morals Under the Gun.


"Toner has packed considerable challenge into this brief volume, a challenge to which all of us who care about the future of this country and its military profession must respond."—Air Power Journal

"Truly valuable"—Choice

"Nothing in print provides such a wealth of factual case studies relevant to military ethics."—Lt. Col. Paul Christopher

"The issues are timely and have a clear pubic-policy relevance."—Naval War College Review

"Toner's book serves as both microscope and mirror for those willing to take a penetrating look at the military services and what they mean to individual members and to society."—Proceedings

"Ultimately, concludes Toner, private morality. . . is fundamental in maintaining the integrity of the profession of arms. In the era of Tailhook and the Iran-Contra scandal, his is a down-to-earth approach to a vexed subject."—Publishers Weekly

"If military ethics are better understood and improved, they can sound a more general moral awakening in America, reminding us all that there are many things worth doing honorably."—Society

9780813118819 : true-faith-and-allegiance-toner
256 Pages
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