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October 9, 2014
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Tribute and Profit

Sino-Siamese Trade, 1652-1853

Tribute and Profit illuminates the conduct and maintenance of maritime trade under Siam’s tributary relationship with imperial China, and scrutinizes the momentous role of the Chinese in Siam’s overseas trade and domestic economy.

Based substantially on historical Chinese, Siamese, and European sources, Sarasin Viraphol’s reconstruction of the tributary trade pinpoints the creative subversions, calculated risks, and clever contrivances that kept the wheels of the Siamese economy turning for centuries. Eventually, tribute missions and the junk trade were supplanted by European-style maritime commerce, free trade, and open markets. Nevertheless, the influences of these bygone relations are still present in Thailand today.

About the Author

Sarasin Viraphol spent eight years working in academia, followed by twenty years in the Thai diplomatic corps, where he was assigned to missions in China and Japan, worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok, and was appointed ambassador to the Philippines. He is currently an executive vice president at Charoen Pokphand Group.
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9786162150791 : tribute-and-profit-viraphol
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