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December 1, 2008
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Transforming Music Education

This quintet of essays examines the reasons why music education should be transformed, investigates the nature of education and musical transformation, and suggests alternative educational models and strategies. Estelle Jorgensen frames her argument for new approaches against the backdrop of historical musical and educational practice and draws on literature from various fields. Transforming Music Education is addressed to current and future music teachers, those who train them, and all who are interested in revolutionizing music education.

About the Author

Estelle R. Jorgensen is Professor of Music at Indiana University, where she teaches courses in the foundation of music education. She is editor of Philosophy of Music Education Review, author of In Search of Music Education, and a frequent contributor to leading journals in music education.


"Jorgensen (Indiana Univ.) believes that music education has been adversely affected by mass media and popular culture and needs to be reformed. She argues that knowledge of both aesthetic and practical aspects of music is in decline and the general population can no longer read music, sing in parts, or even carry a melody. She takes a dialectical approach to problem solving in offering images of transformation—investigating the truth through debate and discussion and accepting and practicing diverse methods to achieve a comprehensive musical education that will affect society in positive ways. An examination of potential suggests role shifts to meet expectations. In extensive footnotes Jorgensen provides suggestions for readings that enhance her arguments and help lead readers to the next step—a comprehensive and specific curriculum evolving from a healthy debate that results in a new methodology based on the best and most creative aspects of the many methods in current practice. Jorgensen's book will serve the discipline of music education best as an impetus for discussion by those who have the authority to affect change. Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, researchers, faculty, and professionals."—J. P. Ambrose, emerita, University of Vermont , 2003jul CHOICE

"The author thinks outside of the traditional box and considers the child holistically."—JaNell Koskie, Waterford (MI) School District, Music Educators Journal, Vol. 90, No. 2 Nov. 2003

"Jorgensen's book will serve the discipline of music education best as an impetus for discussion by those who have the authority to affect change. . . . Recommended."—Choice

". . . a significant work of music education literature, one for any educator, politician, parent or activist hoping to create change in our schools.Vol. 7.2 July 2005"—Amylia C. Burnett, Graduate Student, Teachers College, Columbia University

"This book will be of interest to a wide audience, including professors, teachers, students of music and music education, and those interested in the arts and their role in education. . . . offers a wealth of knowledge and insight from numerous perspectives, not just philosophical, but musical, educational, historical, cultural, sociological, and feminist. Jorgensen's eye is always on the world view as well.12.2 Fall 2004"—Carolyn Livingston, University of Rhode Island

"Estelle Jorgensen's voice is distinctive, challenging and immensely refreshing.Vol. 20.3 2003"—Susan Young, University of Surrey Roehampton

"Brilliant . . . important reading for those who teach music, who write the curricular plans for teaching it, and who guide prospective teachers to the profession. . . . It is a must-read, for it awakens thoughts about why we teach and how."—Patricia Shehan Campbell, University of Washington

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