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December 11, 2018
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Tom Three Persons

Legend of an Indian Cowboy

Tom Three Persons became a successful rancher at a time when Canadians did not expect Indians to succeed. His even greater claim to fame was in the rodeo arena—at the first Calgary Stampede in 1912 he won a world championship in bronc riding, and was the only Canadian to achieve a championship in any major event at the stampede. He became a hero, took up calf roping, and inspired generations of Blood Indians to success in the rodeo arena. But there was a dark side—Tom Three Persons carried out vendettas against neighbours, drank too much, abused his wives, and was said to have had no natural children who reached adulthood.

About the Author

Hugh A. Dempsey is a well known Canadian historian and writer who has authored twelve books and numerous articles. He is an honorary chief of the Blood Tribe and was the chief curator of the Glenbow Museum. Among the many awards he has received for his writing are the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Alberta History and Award of Merit, Local History Section, Canadian Historical Association.


"This is an interesting and accessible piece of western history."—Verne Clemence, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

"[Three Persons'] life is an expose of the racism and greed that underlay the appropriation of the west."—Candace Savage, The Globe and Mail

"Believers say that mysteries surround the life of Alberta's first rodeo world champion, while others claim he was purely an ordinary man. . . . Whether, as Dempsey writes, Three Persons' Success was "the result of hard work, management, a spirit helper, or the Devil, all depends on who you talk to and what they believe." . . . Dempsey, as he has done in many of his books, skillfully incorporates documentary and oral history to write a fascinating biography."—Ian Stewart, NEWEST Review

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