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January 22, 2016
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To Know God and the Soul

Essays on the Thought of St. Augustine

"Over the past three decades Fr. Roland J. Teske, SJ has consistently crafted well-researched, incisive, provocative, and influential studies on St. Augustine, making him both an exemplary and leading scholar in the field, and we are fortunate that he has now published in one volume, To Know God and the Soul, what he regards as "some of...[his] efforts at understanding Augustine"....Teske's volume is characterized by superb scholarship, excellent insights, and fruitful suggestions - both explicit and implicit - concerning the direction of future scholarship in the field. This collection of articles manifests a very generous, sustained, and significant contribution to Augustinian studies, contains required reading for student and scholar alike, and ought to inspire more study both of Augustine and Teske's insightful commentaries thereon." - American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

About the Author

Roland J. Teske, SJ was the Donald J. Schuenke Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University
The Catholic University of America Press

9780813228778 : to-know-god-and-the-soul-teske
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