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February 19, 2020
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To float, to drown, to close up, to open

In this collection, E. Alex Pierce enters the territory of memory embedded in landscape where "language tied to the land" evokes the cadence of tidal rivers and creates a fluid world. She traces the fragmented childhood beginnings that lead to the formation of a young artist who moves from music, through theatre, to poetry. The passionate relationships and complex juxtapositions of art and performance that form an artist's life find voice here in the symphonic structure of the long poem, the provocative individual prose poems, and the final stretched sonnet sequence that interrogates a lost love, "Still. Shimmering in the morning wind. And gone." These fiercely poised works are layered and rich, with sensuous attention to line and breath: a major work from an accomplished poet.And in that space of summer afternoon, the image born of soundand light inhabits all her blood and bone, the mind ignites. She seesthe fire – space for her is stage now, theatre is the flame. She sees itburning all the way back to the Sable River, the lamp, the voices,the two old people, in the dark,without wall or roof or postor beam – and even as her father buries refusein the cellar hole, turns all this under, sheseizes it, picks up her torch,and runs.—from the title poem

About the Author

E. Alex Pierce, author of Vox Humana, lives in East Sable River, Nova Scotia. She conducts manuscript review workshops throughout Canada, and is Senior Editor at Boularderie Island Press. For ten years she taught Creative Writing at Cape Breton University. Her work has been widely anthologized and published in literary journals. Pierce is currently Writer-in-Residence for the Shelburne County Arts Council.
University of Alberta Press
Robert Kroetsch Series

9781772124538 : to-float-to-drown-to-close-up-to-open-pierce
Paperback / softback
96 Pages
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