March 19, 2020
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Times of Mobility

Transnational Literature and Gender in Translation

In an era of increased mobility and globalisation, a fast growing body of writing originates from authors who live in-between languages and cultures. In response to this challenge, transnational perspective offers a new approach to the growing body of cultural texts with an emphasis on experiences of migration, transculturation, bilingualism and (cultural) translation. The introductory analysis and the fifteen essays in this collection critically interrogate complex relations between transnational and translation studies, bringing to this dialogue a much needed gender perspective. Divided into three parts (From Transnational to Translational; Reading Across Borders and Transnational in Translation), they address a range of issues relevant for this debate, from theoretical problems to practical questions of literary criticism and translation, understood as an act of cultural interpretation. 

The volume mostly deals with contemporary literary and cultural production, but also with classical texts and modernist literature. Its particular quality is a strong (although not exclusive) focus on Central and East European literatures, and more generally on women writers. Its interdisciplinary, transnational and intercultural perspective makes it relevant across disciplinary boundaries, from literary and translation studies to gender studies, cultural studies and migration studies.

About the Authors

Jasmina Lukic is Professor of Gender Studies at the Central European University. Sibelan Forrester is Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Russian at Swarthmore College. Borbála Faragó teaches Academic Writing in the Departments of History, Philosophy, Political Science and Environmental Science at CEU. She has lectured on literature and gender in Ireland and in Hungary. She holds a PhD from University College Dublin, and an MA from ELTE, Budapest. 


"The essays are beautifully crafted, meticulously researched, synergistically connected to one another and together form an important and much needed contribution not only to literary studies but to cultural and feminist studies and to the intellectual history of the last half a century."
https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/slavic-review/article/abs/times-of-mobility-transnational-literature-and-gender-in-translation-ed-jasmina-lukic-sibelan-forrester-and-borbala-farago-transnational-perspectives-in-gender-studies-budapest-central-european-university-press-2019-viii-344-pp-notes-index-9500-hard-bound/27C3186A833CF0DF366061E48B09407F—Domnica Radulescu, Slavic Review


"Times of Mobility combines the present interest for the crossing of national, cultural and language boundaries, and for the hybridization of identities, with the critical sophistication and political stamina of feminist/gender theories. The result is an innovative and vibrant polyphony of critical voices that cannot fail to engage the readers' attention. Positioning itself at the intersection of transnational studies, feminist/gender studies, translation studies, postcolonial studies, cultural studies and comparative studies, this text conveys a new critical approach and has the potential to be of interest to critics/scholars/students from different disciplines."—Maurizio Ascari

9789633863299 : times-of-mobility-lukic-forrester-farago
352 Pages
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