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August 30, 2012
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Thomas Aquinas for Beginners

A Brief Introduction to His Philosophy

Aquinas for Beginners is a brief and readable primer on the philosophical thought of one of history's greatest thinkers. Selections from Aquinas's Summa Theologiae are presented and then clarified by the author's commentary, helping to dispel the confusion that sometimes arises from the specialized vocabulary of medieval philosophy. This book is simpler and clearer in its content and approach than other books of its type, making it the ideal introduction to Aquinas and philosophy in general for adults and intelligent teenagers, particularly those who might otherwise feel intimidated by reading a great philosopher without assistance.

About the Author

Jeffrey Coleman received his bachelor's degree in philosophy at Christendom College and his master's degree from The Catholic University of America. He lives with his wife and seven children near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


"This is a very useful short introduction to Aquinas for intelligent beginners. It uses a judicious selection of Aquinas himself (nearly half the words in the book are Aquinas's) and explains them engagingly. Readers will be both enlightened (not hopelessly confused) and challenged (not patronized). —Peter Kreeft, Boston College

Existence is a strange and magnificent thing and Jesus Christ shows us that it is even more strange and magnificent than we could have imagined. We are called to contemplate the triune God and all the things that he has caused to be. In this excellent primer, Jeff Coleman invites us to contemplate God and creation with St. Thomas Aquinas. Coleman's timely book should find its way into the hands of anyone asking the great questions about existence. —Matthew Levering, University of Dayton

Even summaries of the Summa and selected readings turn out to be imposing and can make it seem hopeless to understand St. Thomas, and no wonder, because his works would fill two long shelves in a library. But now, small is beautiful! Jeffrey Coleman has written a short gem of an introduction that will intimidate no one and welcome everyone."—Michael Pakaluk, Ave Maria University
Sapientia Press Ave Maria Univ

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