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December 1, 1997
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Their Example Showed Me the Way / kwayask ê-kî-pê-kiskinowâpahtihicik

A Cree Woman's Life Shaped by Two Cultures

Emma Minde's portraits of the family into which she was given in marriage more than sixty years ago are instructive and touching. She offers rare insight into a life history guided by two powerful forces: the traditional world of the Plains Cree and the influence of the Catholic missions.


"...recognize(s) the vitality of interest in the roots of Alberta's literary tradition and search for new forms of expression." R. Gordon Moyles, CBRA

"Emma Minde's reminiscences offer valuable insights into the social history of one of Alberta's largest and most significant reserve communities. Hers is the kind of story that is easily left out of the historical record, but when preserved, illuminates history as a lived experience." Michael Payne, CBRA

9780888642912 : their-example-showed-me-the-way-kwayask-e-ki-pe-kiskinowapahtihicik-minde-ahenakew-wolfart
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